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  Updated on December 31, 2003

AATrade Release Features November XX, 2004


1. Fixed sector genesis devices not being removed from a players ship when it was destroyed.

2. Fixed a problem where the federation ship would never move if there were players with enough fed bounties and they were not online. The fed ship will now move if it couldn't attack an online player.

3. Fixed a division by zero error in the combat functions if the number of units was ever 0.

4. When swapping ships spies were not transfering to the new ship.

5. Fixed device port to show how many probes your ship is currently carrying.

6. Fixed a number of bugs in the create_universe.pgp related to updating profiles when a game has been reset.

7. Fixed auto trade route creation to enter a port 0 if the players failed to enter any port number for a commodities trade. This was causing an error to appear in the admin logs.

8. Fixed a NASTY little exploit that would allow anyone to delete teams from the game.

9. Fixed exploit where SG device could make nonexistent sectors with warp links leading inand out of them.



1. Removed all template support from the create_game.php because it would cause problems at times during initial game setup.

2. Changed the bad login code to prevent people from finding other players email addresses.

3. Consolidated the movement_log and scan_log table into a single sector_log table.

4. We have formally dropped all support for all databases except for MySql.

5. Finished templating files: traderoute_create.php, traderoute_delete.php, traderoute_edit.php, traderoute_listroutes.php and traderoute_save.php

6. Finished templating files: planet_owned_addtrade/addtradefinal/base/buycargofinal/buycargoship/deletetrade/land/leave/name/namefinal/production/repair/teamcash/transfer/upgrade/upgradecargo/upgradecargofinal.php

7. Changed aatrade_ls_client.php renamed to

8. If there is an IGB max credit limit then IGB bank accounts will stop adding interest to the account once it hits the max the account can hold.

9. Removed update of profiled players current games from logout.php.

10. Ships in the shipyard will calculate the cost of the BASE minimum tech levels that come with the ship and add that cost onto the base cost of the ship. This solves an exploit where admins set the cost of the Alliance Raider and Federation Battle Cruiser real low so players can buy them. It would cause scores to skyrocket. Now players will have to actually PAY for the tech that comes with the ship.

11. scheduler directory created, all schedule files changed from .php to .inc files and moved to the scheduler directory.

12. create_game directory created and all STATIC program files for creating a game moved to it. Each phase of the create game is now a seperate include file. More files can easily be dropped in by selecting a number for the phase between 10 and 999.

13. schema directory created inside the create_game directory. Each database table is in a seperate .inc file ( creates the admin_new database table). The create_game program will automatically detect all of the files and create the appropriate directories. This makes it easy to just drop in a new table file to add more database tables as needed.

14. All sched .inc files contain header information as to how often they are executed, order of execution, description and if they should be enabled. The create_game will scan each of the files in the scheduler directory and import the data from the headers into the scheduler database table.

15. The port data in the universe table has been completely removed. The universe table just contains the information about the sector.

16. The ships database table nolonger contains information about items carried by the ship holds or devices carried.

17. Loading 300+ variables from the config_values database table each time a page is displayed puts a HUGE strain on the database. A file called is created from the config_values database and stored in the support directory. This file is loaded for each page. This is many times faster and puts almost no load on the server compared to loading from the database.

18. Moved variables like release_version and server key from the setup/config_values to the config.php to prevent them from being easily changed.

19. Removed the casino.ini file and added header files to each casino .inc file. These header files are scanned during the create game and a casino.ini file is created and stored in the support directory. This will allow for easy drop in casino files.

20. Rewrote the file in the port directory so it can hand off control to the casino.php program.

21. Deleted the move.php program. Movement is now incorperated inside the main.php. This has increased the speed of processing and reduced server load for a players movements drastically.

22. Changed the mini-nav map on the main display to show a TRUE placement of sectors in a 6x6 grid around your ship. If you click on a sector in the north west quardrant you will move to the northwest in the galaxy. This is basically like a zoomed in display of the 3D galaxy map.

23. Sector numbers are nolonger used in the game. All sectors will use either a name or a 6 character/digit word like Q43720 to represent the sector. This will prevent sector by sector realspace searches. The sector names are a mathmatical formula representing the old sector number and other information about the sector.

24. The realspace side to side links have been removed from the game and templates.

25. The Galaxy Map will nolonger display sectors you haven't been to or scanned. When you view the galaxy map or local galaxy map it will only display sectors you have been to or scanned.

26. Vastly updated sector notes system that is tied in to the long range scan and main display.

27. You can now NAME a sector as soon as it is created with a Sector Genesis device. If a player doesn't name the sector a name will be created for it. The names must be atleast 10 characters long.

28. Added a planet_upgrade_factor variable. The planet upgrade pricing is now total seperate from ship upgrade pricing. The default factor value is 2 for upgrading planet tech levels.

29. Change the ship upgrade_factor variable from 2 to 2.25. This increases the cost to upgrade ship tech levels. Ships will now be more costly to upgrade than planets.

30. The prices of ships in the shipyard how include the cost of the minimum tech levels the ships start with in addition to the ships base cost.

31. Added a base ship hull size. This hull size is used as a factor against damage, cloak, speed and sensors. This base ship hull size is added to the hull tech level. This does NOT increase your hull tech level so you can carry more. The base hull size is the actual size of your ship before extra cargo space is added with hull tech levels. If you have a pioneer with a base hull of 5 and a Voyager with a base Hull of 20 the voyager will be seen before the pioneer if they both have the same cloak. The Voyager will have a harder time evading attacks but the voyager can absorb more damage.

32. Trade routes are now executed using only 3 queries and nolonger LOOP for each circuit of the trade. This has removed one of the largest server load problems in the game. The trade routes are now instantaneous. You no longer have to wade through a long list.

33. Debris primarily comes from items that were carried by destroyed ships and is rarely randomly generated by the game itself.

34. Fighters, Mines and Torps are now all seperate items. Each are also seperate types depending upon their use.

35. Ship Fighters and Ship Torps can only be used by ships. They cannot be deployed on planets or as sector defenses. They can only be purchased at an Upgrade Port.

36. Sector Fighters and Sector Mines are carried as cargo in a ships holds. If you want to transport large numbers of sector fighters and sector mines you need a large hull ship. They can only be purchased at Device Ports.

37. Planet Fighters and Torps can be carried as cargo on a ship. They cannot be used as sector defenses. They can be purchased at Device Ports or manufactured on planets.

38. The Heavy Munitions ship has been removed from the game. It was made useless with the change to how sector defense items work.

39. Removed the languages.ini and database table. The language list will be build from the directories in the language directory. This will allow languages to be added and removed without resetting the game or editing any files.



1. Passing server closed variable to the index.tpl. If a game is closed none of the login or signup options are shown and a message saying the server is closed is displayed.

2. Passing user signup variable to index.tpl. If user signups are disabled the new user button isn't shown.

3. Passing tourney mode variable to index.tpl. If the server is in touney signup mode the "Tournament Signups Enabled" message is displayed.

4. create_game.php will now check to see if the server allows the creating of subdirectories. If it doesn't the use_subdirectories option for templates is disabled.

5. Added a class directory. All devices and cargo types are stored here as class .inc files. These files contain all of the information as to how the game will interact with the item.

6. The new sector_log table will store the warp links found in a sector when you move through it or scann it. The links are then displayed in the java popup on the main screen mini-nav map and on the global/local map.

7. Added a close server and send profiles selection to the admin area.

8. Added a new to the scheduler. This will run once and hour and check to see if any players have cached profiles to send to the master profile server. If there are the data is built and sent to the master profile server.

9. Added a forced logout when the idle time is reached to the file.

10. Added a universe_ports database table. This table contains all of the information about each commodity each port can buy and sell. It contains an entry for each item a port sells. This is joined to the universe table when port data for a sector is needed.

11. Added a ship_holds database table. This table contains entries for each item a ship is carrying in it holds.

12. Added a ship_devices database table. This table contains enteries for each device a ship is currently equipped with.

13. Added a planet_cargo database table. This table contains information about items manufactured by a planets research center. Planets can also have a 5th item other than the default ore, good, organics and energy. The 5th items is stored in this table.

14. Added a planet_devices database table. This table contains information about extra devices a planet can use to defend itself in addition to torps and fighters. Items manufactured by research bases are mounted in this table to a planet.

15. Added an admin_log database table. All of the admin log information will be stored in this table instead of the logs table.

16. Added a class_modules database table. All of the classes from the class directory are imported to this database table.

17. Added a support directory. This directory will contain all of the files that are created by the game and modified by the game such as the setup files, ship types, languages, ect.

18. Added a casino directory and changed all of the casino files from .php to .inc files. Created a casino.php program to specificall access those include files.

19. Added a ports directory. Created a special port.php program for processing port .inc files. All of the port_whatever.php files were converted into files that are called by the port.php program. This resulted in much smaller files. Drop in port files are now supported with this change.

20. Create a special port_purchase.php program for processing all port purchases. The port_purchase_whatever.php files have been converted into files and stored in the ports directory. This resulted in much smaller files. Drop in port files are now supported with this change.

21. Created a globals directory and seperated 90% of the functions in the global_funcs.php into seperate .inc files. All of the game files have been modified so they will only load the functions they need from the globals directory. This reduced the size of the global_funcs.php from 98k to 10k that is loaded every time a page is loaded. This reduces the strain on the server and the memory requirements considerably. Each of the global .inc files contains a function check to see if it has already been loaded to prevent it from being loaded again.

22. Create a special planet.php program, a planet_unowned directory and a planet_owned directory. The planet.php program is a special processor that will load the appropriate .inc module from the planet_owned or planet_unowned directory. This processor will allow the addition of extra modules to the planet_owned and planet_unowned directory by drop in so they can easily be used.

23. Create a sector_defense directory. This directory contains all of the .inc files that deal with sector defense combat. These are drop in files and they are called based upon the type of sector defense encountered.

24. Added a top down and side view mini-graphic map similar to the ones shown in the 3D Galaxy map. These two maps will show a red dot representing your position in the galaxy.

25. Planets now have base production levels for how well they can produce ore, organics, goods and energy. The earth normal percentage is 100% of each item. Some planets may have a higher or lower yield on different items. A desert planet may only have a 30% yield on producing organics while having maybe a 130% production rate for energy. Every planet is different and the players do not have any control over these things when using the genesis device to build a planet.

26. The create game program will now check to see if the game can create subdirectories. If it can't then the use_subdirectory option for smarty is disabled.

27. The create game program will now check to see if the server allows the fopen command to open a URL. If the server doesn then the profile system is disabled and the update server list schedule is disabled.

28. There are two tournament mode flags. The normal Tournament Setup flag and a new Tournament Mode Flag. The new flag is used to denote a server that is running a tournament as the tournament setup flag is only used to let players view the tournament menu when they login before the game officially starts.

29. The Reset Date will actually close down the game and send all profile data when the date is reached. The jury is still out on letting the game completely reset itself by creating a new game.

30. During the Create Game phase the admin will be asked for a Tournament Start Date at the same time as a game Reset Date. If the game isn't going to use a Tournament Start Date it is just left at the default date of 00-00-0000.

31. If there is a start date it will be shown in a countdown timer on the login/index page.

32. When the start date has been reached the game will automatically turn off new user signups and disable the tournament signup mode. Fully automatic.

33. If Tourney Mode is enabled all new players will be required to register their profile when they create the new player. The Profile Requirement can also be set seperately from the tourney mode for people who want to run non tourney servers but require profiles.

34. Online Time Limits for all Players. This option will work for Tournament and Non-Tournament modes. Admins will be able to set a DAILY online time limit for all players. This was added to prevent some of the abuses we have seen by some people staying virtually online 20 hours a day. This can prevent some players from ever logging in as all of the slots are taken by idlers. If an admin sets the Daily Online Limit to 2 hours that means a player can log in as many times as they want but their total online time is limited to 2 hours. If they are online for 15 minutes in the morning and an hour in the afternoon then they still have 15 minutes of online time left they can use. Once midnight hits their online time is reset. The people who sit online all day long are going to hate this addition but it BALANCES out the playing field because most people do not have the time to sit online all day watching what is happening in the game. It is an option that can be enabled by the admin so some servers may never enable it. Though it will be enabled automatically if the Tournament Mode flag is set. We haven't decided on a default daily time limit yet.

35. Added total online tracking for each player. This will track the total amount of time a player has spent online playing the game. This information will be added to any report to the profile server for each player.

36. Server list update will also send information for tournament mode and the date a tournament will start. This information will be displayed in the master server list for each server.

37. Added MD5 file check and missing file check to install.php. If any files are missing the installer will not create the config files.

38. Added allow_url_fopen PHP config check to install.php. If not set warn that profiles and server list updating will be disabled.

39. Add display of ADODB version and Smarty version to install.php.

40. Removed all ADODB Session support from the install.php and main game code. The ADODB session support added an unneeded overhead to the game. The only reason to have ADODB sessions is if your games database is going to be accessed by more than one server with a different domain name or IP. Since this will never happen this support has been removed.

41. IGB now requires atleast a 10% payment on a loan every day. If the IGB doesn't get 10% every day then the federation will TAKE ALL of the money from either your ship or from your wealthiest planet upto the amount it takes to pay it off.


42. Added full graphic to MakeBars function. This will select a SINGLE image to be used to display information about a tech level instead of building a hoirizontal bar from image files.

AATrade Release Features March 31, 2004


1. Fixed header problem on FAQ.

2. Fixed cash problem in Blackjack

3. Fixed problem where database restore could fail in the middle of restoring.

4. Fixed a very rare occurance where a player killed offline with an escape pod may not be able to log back into the game.


1. Team Defense report will now only show team defenses of sectors that have teamed planets.

2. Lag/Refreash code updated so it is checked before ANY database activity occures. This will prevent people from using a script to perform a Denial Of Service attack by refreshing a page rapidly causing the database to be overloaded.

3. Updated install.php to give more information about the server and what is required for the game to run properly.

4. Made changes to most of the scheduler programs to allow for faster scheduler execution and lower memory usage. Games using MySql 4.0.3 or higher will gain a 15-20 times speed increase.

5. Allow first three admin accounts (Alliance, Federation and Independent) to log into a full game.

6. Changed configuration save so it doesn't save sections that are created for that specific game.


1. Force player logout if they are idle for more than 5 minutes.

2. Force player logout if they refresh the screen more than 10 times.

AATRade Release Features February 19, 2004


1. Fixed a problem with the IP Ban code that wasn't banning any selected IPs.

2. Fixed possible problem where players could force cargo ships over 29 hull and power settings.

3. Fixed problem in teams.php where the team_invite field wasn't being cleared on all players when the creator left the team.

4. Fixed problem in sched_prune.php where the team_invite field wasn't being cleared on all players when the creator was purged.

5. Fixed problem in global_funcs.php where the team_invite field wasn't being cleared on all players when the creator was killed without an escape pod.

6. Fixed a problem where changing all planets production settings at the same time didn't always work.

7. Fixed a problem where count for total team members wasn't being calculated properly and removed the number_of_members field from the teams table.

8. Fixed a Lag Cheat that could allow players to increase their ship and planet tech levels without any cost.

9. Fixed a problem with the Take Credits option under planet production where a blank screen was displayed if you didn't have enough turns to move to the planets sector.

10. Fixed a problem where probes could be used to scan sector 1 and find out where the last player went from sector 1.

11. Fixed a Lag Cheat that could allow players to increase their probe annd cargo ship levels without any cost.

12. Fixed a problem where dignitaries were not being transfered to a newly perchanges ship or a ship taken out of storage.

13. Fixed problem where warp link editor wasn't counting the number of links in the source sector properly.

14. Fixed the no subject bug for forums. If a subject was left out of a topic the topic would show but without a link to click on. If the subject is missing it will say "None".

15. Fixed dignitary log entries and removed extra log definitions that were not being used.

16. Fixed a bug that has been around since we forked from NGS (and was a problem that came from NGS) where players could access the Shipyard at anytime even if there wasn't a shipyard in the sector.

17. Fixed a problem with the IP Ban Editor locking up when banning from user ip list.


1. SG Sectors are now mixed with expanding universe sectors instead of starting at 500000. This caused many changes to be made in a large number of files. It is now much harder to find SG sectors but they will also show up on player maps.

2. Completely revised combat system for Ship to Ship and Ship to Planet. None of the old comat system remains as the new version was created from scratch.

3. Lowered spies ability to find embezzlers to go with the new re-embezzler delay.

4. Changed ADODB from version 3.72 to version 4.05.

5. Webmaster, Independent and Federation ships now bypass all sector defenses. Do not use those players for normal play.

6. Changed the query for finding the sectors by turns in the galaxy_local.php so it is far more accurate and should find all sectors within the specified turn range.

7. Local Galaxy Map starts out with a selection of 0 turns. This is to prevent a long list of sectors if 1 is selected and the player has engines that can take them anywhere in one turn.

8. Completely removed Planetary Interest and revised how planets can make money based upon the number of colonists devoted to making money. This is now keyed to starvation. If the planet has starving colonists they will stop making money.

9. Sector Defenses have been converted to use the new combat system. When a ship enters a sector they do not have beams or shields to defend themselves against sector defenses. The ship can only use fighters, torps and mine deflectors to defend themselves.

10. Changed the team creation and edit code to disallow same team names. Some players were trying to hijack other teams messages and confuse people by using the same names as other players.

11. Changed the sensor/cloak check for getting a spy on a planet. Since you are not attacking the planet your cloak gets a 10 point boost (when attacking sensors get a 10 point boost). This will mean that a ship with the same cloak level as a planets sensors will have a 50% chance to get a spy on the planet unlike the old code which gave you a 5% chance. Spies still reduce this by 4% for each spie. So if there were 10 spies on the planet the 50% chance would go down to 10% But each spy you get on the planet increases your chance by 4% the next time you try.

12. Made massive changes to the sched_planets.php for calculating planet production, spies and dignitaries. The changes should speed up the execution of this scheduled item. Also, production enhancements by dignitaries are only made on the items produced each tick instead of on the entire amount on the planet. Added a random factor so the planets vary on how mouch they produce between 0 and the max possible.

13. Changed the minimum turns used from 100 to 10000 before a player can receive money from embezzlers. If there are no players that meet that minimum the money goes into debris.

14. Removed the IGB login screen as it was totally redunant and added an unnecessary step to accessing the IGB.

15. Changed the planet scan and ship scan displays so they look similar to the ship report display.

16. Deleted probe.php and modified probemenu.php to take over the probe.php deploy probe function. All probes on a players ship will be accessable through both the Probe button and the Devices menu. This removes the confusion about how many probes a player has because probes that have never been deployed were only availible through the devices menu.

17. Changed the Webmaster to Kabal Leader. This player is the owner of all Kabal sectors and planets. The Kabal Leader uses a Kabal Raider ship with all tech levels set at 70 except for cloak which is 0. There will nolonger be a Webmaster Account. The game admin should create his own account after game reset.

18. Added 6 more rankings and adjusted the ranking calculation to reflect the added ranks.

19. Disabled PostgreSQL ver 7 and up database support

20. Changed zone editor so it checks for names that are similar in sound or spelling to prevent players from spoofing existing names in the game.

21. Changed the save configuration module in the admin to allow naming of the config file.

22. Lowered sector fighter energy use rate by 40%. This should allow more fighters to be deployed for sector defense.

23. The word Censor now does a metaphone check to see if any words are similar to the banned words.

24. The local map displayes the first 1000 sectors closest to you start with the closest and working to the furthest.

25. Changed default galaxy lightyear size to 200k lightyears to make warp links more valuable for a longer period of time. 30+ engines are needed to realspace moste players in one turn now.

26. Lowered the energy requirements for creating and deleteing warp links from 240 to 12 units per lightyear to match the new default lightyear size.

27. Moved the Kabal Setup to the admin directory.

28. Removed the screen resolutiuon selection from the login as it was completely redundant and never needed.

29. Moved the java code for the shoutbox and news out of the program code into the template files. Only the number of news items in an array and the count of the array is sent to the template now. Each template will have to use it's own java code.

30. Moved the Admin News java code from the index.php into the index tpl in the same manner as the shoutbox and news.

31. Removed the FAQ and Tutorial links from the main display. Tutorial was broken into help files for the game.

32. IGB can only be accessed in sectors that have planets and ports. IGB cannot be accessed when you are in a Casino port sector.

33. Changed bounty check routine to use top team players score for bounty checks on all players. This prevents big players from using small players to block in their sectors to prevent big players from attacking them.


1. Re-embezzler delay. When an embezzler embezzles money they will wait for a while before they try to embezzle again to make them harder to find and less likely to rape a planet.

2. Added Sector Notes for both personal and team.

3. Added latest personal and team sector notes to mouse overs when viewing Local and Galaxy map.

4. Added new Class System for weapona dn defenses. This is the start of the core for Research. Much of the support structure for research has been added but research will not be availible until a later release. We had to add in much of this support structure due to the massive changes in the combat routines.

5. Added check to install.php to warn people when they are installing the game if they are installing on a version of PHP that may be too old.

6. Added PHP version check to create_universe.php and sched_expanding.php that will force the spiral universe option to be disabled if the version of PHP is below 4.3.0.

7. Added check to sched_shipstorage.php for databases that cannot support updating two tables with a single query. If the database cannot update in that manner it will use the longer looping update.

8. Added an instant message block manager. You can now select players you do not want to receive messages from. Any messages they try to send to you, even if they are sent to your entire team, will be blocked. The player will also get a message indicating that you have blocked all messages from them.

9. Added support for GZIP compression for all templates. With servers that have GZIP installed this will greatly speed up page downloads. The default setting is GZIP enabled. If the server doesn't have the GZIP library installed the output will be sent out normally. To disable GZIP support just turn off the enable_gzip variable in the config.

10. Finally moved all text inside all program files into the language files.

11. Added a 3D Galaxy Display for servers that have the GD Graphics Library installed.

12. Added the ability to sort by player name in the ranking list.

13. Added templates for the following files: dig.php, galaxy_map3d.php, help.php, igb.php, log.php, mail.php, login2.php, logout.php, new2.php, profile.php, settings.php, showprobe_upgrades.php, spy.php, traderoutes(all)

14. Added the ability to select from multiple setup/configuration files when running the Create Universe.

15. Added a Casino Port to the game where different kinds of modules can be installed. The first module is Black Jack.

16. Added public forums module called "Smugglers Den Bar" to the Casino Port. All players can post and read messages at any casino port.

17. Added new default template graphics by Twan. Created two new default templates using Twans graphics. Changed the default templates to bnt-ngs classic.

18. Added small 5x5 sensor scan to main display of closest sectors.

19. Added a planet shield energy use multiplier. This is how much energy each shield unit on a planet needs. The default value is 10 times what a ship needs.

20. Added npc field in player table. This is for designating Non Player Characters in the game for use with missions.

21. Added Attack and Run option when entering sectors with fighters. Allows players to whittle down the sector defense a little at a time.

22. Added consolodation percentages to the IGB.

23. Added Italian Translation by Excite.

24. Added code that will cause the Federation Ship to attack any players with more than 3 federation bounties.

25. Added a player limit. The admin can set the maximum number of players online at the same time the game can support.

26. Added new navmap table. This table contains the closest 24 sectors to a single sector. This was added to take alot of the load off the database system. The mini-navmap would normally calculate distance to every sector in the galaxy. The larger the galaxy the more the server had to work. The game will build this table as players move if there aren't any entries. If there is an entry it is used and the high CPU use calculations are bypassed.

27. Added ability for players to partially pay on their fed bounties at Upgrade and Device ports.

28. Added lucky strike attack to all defender defense phases. There is a 5% chance that the defender will get in a lucky strick against the attacker on one of the attack phases and do twice the damage.

AATRade Release Features October 25, 2003


1. If create universe was executed without pre-existing databases and profile support was enabled the create universe would hang. This has been fixed.

2. Fixed wrong template directory in image source for readmail.tpl. Thanks to Fantaz for pointing it out.

3. Added two images to default and default_dropdown that were missing.

4. Fix for Prune where there were two missing semi-colons (;) causing the sched_prune.php to fail. Thanks to Fantaz for pointing it out.

5. Fixed show debris so nothing ever goes negative.


1. Changed Player Editor so it called the killed player function when the editor changed player status to Killed with an escape pod. If player killeithou0 escape pod selected then ship destroyed function called.

2. Changes to traderoute.php so teamed planets can be used in trades. Thanks to Fantaz for the code changes.


AATRade Release Features October 11, 2003


1. Fix a problem when a team creator leaves the team player planets are not reassigned to the new coordinator team id.

2. Fixed problem in bounty.php that prevented players from placing a bounty on other players.

3. Moved all player deaths and kills to a global function because player kill and death counters were not being updated for all instances of kills and deaths.

4. Fixed problem where players with multiple ships were getting kicked out of sector 1 if their ship was destroyed while offline.

5. Downloading config_local.php now works on ALL browsers if the installer cannot write it to the config directory.

6. Closed alot of exploits in planet-report-ce.php, planet_upgrade.php and planet_transfer.php.

7. Closed an unlimited fighter/mine deploy exploit.

8. Fixed a problem where the tow schedule would tow ships that were stored.

9. Fixed an error that caused the sort by owner selection for spies and dignitary displays to fail.

10. When sofa attackting a planet the planets torps, fighters and energy will nolonger go below 0.


1. Moved the anti-lag cheat code out of the individual programs into the header.php so it protects every program.

2. Stripped out the really, really useless DHTML code in the logs. It was too slow and annoyed everyone.

3. Changing scheduler variables in the Config Editor will now change settings in the scheduler database table.

4. Spies will nolonger use the cloak of the ship a player is currently using when they are on enemy planets or ships to hide themselves. When a spy is placed on a friendly planet the spy will adopt the cloak setting of that planet. When the planet is taken by an enemy the spies on that planet will use the cloak setting of that planet before it was taken. When a ship is trying to place a spy on an enemy planet the spy will adopt that ships cloak setting when it arrives on the planet. The cloak setting will not change for that spy even if the player who placed it there changes ships, dies or upgrades his ships cloak.

5. Changed planet display to show what the Credit Production Percentage is automatically set to instead of hoping the player can figure it out themselves. ;)

6. Changes all lexx variables to nova (about damned time too).

7. When a planet is nova bombed and the bomb destroys the planet any ships on the planet do a cheak against EWD and Engines to see if they get away without being destroyed.

8. Changed the default federation only countdown from 17 days per bount to 3.5 days per bounty.

9. Consolodated MANY queries and eliminated many while loops by creating a single query to dow everything in the various sched_ programs to increase the speed of the scheduler.

10. Rewrote planet-report-ce.php to make the production change more efficient. It was using 13-15 queries per planet when updating. If you had 100 planets this would be 1,300 to 1,500 queries when the player updated their planet percentages. It now uses only ONE query per planet.

11. Eliminted expliots in planet-report-ce.php, planet_upgrade.php and planet_transfer.php.

12. Moved all of the log array variables into the files. I haven't a clue why they were spread all over the place.

13. When a ship is damaged by a nova bomb the ships armor_pts, fighters and torpedos are damaged as well.


1. Added encryption options for the backup functions. Admin can select between no encryption, php based encryption and mCrypt encryption.

2. Added a use_subdirectories configuration variable so the admin can set Smarty to disbale subdirectory usage.

3. Added a Help System so player can click on a help link on any page to cause a popup to appear with information about the page they are on.

4. Added support for InnoDB databases with MySql. This is slightly slower than using MyIsam but tendsto have far fewer table problems when you have databases that are highly active. Plus InnoDB uses row locks for table accesses. No need to use table locking.

5. Added support for Player Profiles running off out Master Profile Server. Players can have any game they are playing on reporting their in game status to the profile server when they log out and on game reset. Admins have the option of disabling this feature.

6. Federation Only Bounty COundown config variable added (fed_bounty_delay) so the duration can now be adjusted.

7. Added limit to how many spies and digs a player can carry on their ship.

8. Added credit limit for how many credits a planet can carry. This is based on the cost of all the planets tech levels multiplied by 100. The multiplier can be changed by the admin to adjust the amount of money a planet can store.

AATRade Release Features September 20, 2003


1. Fixed problem where a player edited by the admin with the admin user editor would lose their avatar.

2. Fixed fed sector ownership so it can never change.

3. Closed many open database holes where the database wasn't closed after a program finished running. This could cause too many connection errors to occur on servers with more than one game running.

4. Changed how the header.php is called to allow the header to be different depending upon the template chosen by the player.

5. Sort selection on ranking page is now trasfered from page to page.

6. Planets were not collecting salvage from ships that were destroyed attacking them. This is now fixed.

7. Fixed problem where dignitaries were not transfering when buying a new ship.

8. Independence schedule now recalculates sector ownerships when a planet goes indy.

9. When the team coordinator is killed without an escape pod the coordinator position is not moved to the next player on the team. This prevent the team from changing anything for that team. When the coordinator is destroyed the next person on the team list is made the coordinator.

10. When team coordinator left a team and transfered team ownership to another player the forums were not transfered. This has been fixed.

11. Rewrote the newbie nice login so it works as it is supposed to plus added a quantifier. If the player has used all of the initial turns they were given and die they will not be cloaned. The default value is 4000 turns. If they die without an escape pod before they use 4000 turns they will be cloaned into a new ship. Otherwise they will have to create another account after the 3 day waiting period if auto pruning is enabled.

12. Expanding universe had a bug that could create a runaway process requiring a server reset. This has been fixed.

13. Fixed a huge exploit that would allow free sector genesis.


1. When a player is killed without an escape pod any planets they own become independent planets instead of unowned.

2. Reordered the config.ini into different catagory sections.

3. Sector defense relies totally on the highest sensor of any planets in the sector. Otherwise they have a sensor of 0. It was just silly that the sensor ability of the sector defenses would possibly change when the player changed ships or died.


1. Added a min based tech level value for creating independent planets in create_universe.php

2. Added encryption to backup files to prevent people from downloading the database files and viewing them when the backup option is enabled.

3. Added a top and bottom banner editor to the admin controls.

4. Added Independent Planet AI. Independent planets will use credits on their planets to base themselves and upgrade tech levels. They will even place sector defenses in the sector they own.

5. Added scan error to mines and fighters for long range scans of sectors. There is a check ship sensorts verses the highest planet cloak to even see fighters or mines. Then there is a check for ship sensors verses highest planet jammer to give possibly false numbers for the amount of sector fighters and mines.

6. Added version of the game when sending update to the server list.

7. When create universe creates independent planets it will calculate zone ownership to see if the independent player owns the zone.

8. Independent owned zones will not allow other players to place sector defenses in the zone.

9. Added the ability to run the Scheduler from within the Admin Area.

10. Added ability to disabled the cron scheduler using a config variable $enable_scheduler

11. Added the ability to turn on and off the different debris types.

12. Added an alternate debris amount calculation based upon ship levels for armor, energy, torps and fighters.

13. Added a max amount setting for turns, credits, energy, torps and fighters. This max amount is ignored if the alternate calculation is used.

14. Added ability for players to set their own galaxy map and local map width in their player options.

AATRade Release Features September 8, 2003


1. Removed sector number display from invalid traderoute create to prevent create planet sector find cheat.

2. In planet_transfer.php reverse direction notification for team planet money transfers.

3. Added update to player last_team and left_team_time fields when a player was ejected from a team by the team coordinator.

4. Fixed trade route bug where a player could get more colonists on their ship than the hull allowed.

5. Fixed traderoute bug that prevented trading between a port and planet in the same SG sector.

6. Fixed multiple SG sector bug so more than one SG sector can be created in an SG sector.

7. Changed Federation homeworld sector ID from 0 to 1.

8. Added missing ' in Create Universe when it is inserting the backup schedule.

9. Fixed problem with Avatar and Team Icon programs displaying linked, multiple directories and non-image files as valid selections.

10. Added check so ship cannot use Nova Bomb Device if their ship class is below the level allowed to use the device. This is to prevent smaller ships that pickup the device in debris from using it.

11. Fixed device and upgrade total placing commas in total amount when the amount read "Not enough credits".

12. Fixed problem with dignitaries on your ship just going away when you buy a new ship and don't store the old one.

13. When your ship is destroyed your dignitaries are now killed just like spies.

14. Long Range and Sector scan will nolonger show last ship seen data for sector 1.


1. Changed some of the order in the create_universe.php to make it more friendly.

2. Upgraded ADODB from v3.40 to v3.72

3. Ships with a lower class than the Nova Bomb supports can nolonger fire the nova bomb if one is found with debris.

4. Disabled the ability to use the player based schedule updating. Sorry folks this is going to be cron based only until we can find a better way to do a non cron based schedule updated. The current method is very, very bad and I don't see why anyone would have put it in the game in the first place.

5. Seperated Kabal and Tow schedule value. Removed the $sched_turns variable and replaced it with $turn_rate. The turn rate is how many turns that should be multiplied with the $sched_ticks. If $sched_ticks was set to 5 then 5 turns every 5 minutes would be created if the $turn_rate was 1. If it was .5 then 3 turns every 5 minutes. If it was 2 then 10 turns every 5 minutes.

6. Updated aatrade_ls_client.php to support the new turn rate and updated the web site to use the new turn rate. Pre 0.12 servers may show improper turns per minute until they are updated.


1. Added lag cheat fix for a number of programs. The cheat fix requires a page to fully display before a player can use the refresh key/button again or press a submit button or link more than once.

2. Added game title to index/login page.

3. Create universe now adds a single birthrate increaser dignatary to all independant planets.

4. Added Heavy Munitions ship to shipyard.

5. Added 50% reduction in ship engine tech level when landed on a planet and attacked.

6. Added Spiral Galaxy code option so the game can create a true spiral galaxy with admin selectable total for the number of spiral arms in the galaxy. The admin can select between Spiral or Spherical galaxy generation in the Create Universe. Updated universe database to include the number of the spiral arm the sector resides in.

7. Added a cool thing just for programmers/people who want to add new things to the game. People can create new Admin programs, player commands and schedule programs. The game will automatically find these new files. Just add them to the main or admin directory and that's it. There is configuration information contained in each file. For the schedule programs this information is placed in the scheduler database. Nothing else is needed for the admin to do.

8. Added Federation Ship and Kabal Ship entry and graphics.

9. Added support for top and bottom banner ads. This has been tested using AdCycle code and works perfectly.

10. Added word censor that will filter out bad words used in any input by the players. This feature can be disabled and new words can be added to the badword list.

11. Added Repair and Optimize table schedule for MySql ISAM tables. If there are many changes to myisam tables under mysql (updates and deletes) problems can occur with corrupted tables. Myisam tables should be optimized on a periodic basis. There is an auto repait feature as well that will automatically repair a corrupted myisam table when an error occures.

12. Added auto banning of IP and Email addresses from an email and ip ban list when create_universe.php is executed.

13. Added the ability to add IP and Email addresses to the ban list from within the admin.php for email and ip address for people who are not currently in the game.

14. Added a Shoutbox editor in the admin area for editing/deleteing public shouts.

15. Added Selective and Full database backup restore selections to the admin area.

AATRade Release Features August 19, 2003

1. Destroy Planet now reports if the player is missing a Genesis Device or out of turns.

2. Dignitaries placed on a non-based planet now show in the Dignitary Menu.

3. When Create Universe is executed an entry is made into the Shoutbox database to prevent java errors on the main display.

4. Fixing some minor templating bugs in various displays.

5. Shoutbox and News window link needed / between path and filename.

6. Fixed send message and scan ship links in ship.tpl template.

7. Have to rewrite a number of files to change the universe from starting at sector 0 to sector 1. The reason for this change is newer versions of MySql have problems with a 0 entry for an auto increment field. It has a hard time importing datafrom backups and usually errors out. Also, MySql will tend to MOVE the 0 entry to the last auto increment value.

8. added @ error supressor to the serverlist fopen, fclose and eof in the index.php to prevent errors from appearing if the server list server is down.

9. Changed how team-forums display messages so more than one space in a row and tabs can be used in messages.

10. Fixed a bug where anyone on a team could edit messages posted by the Co-ordinator in the team forums.

11. Moved the admin news from the footer.php and footer.tpl to the index.php and index.tpl.

12. Fixed bug that would not remove picked avatar from avatar list.

13. Fixed bug that would not remove picked team icon from tam icon list.

14. Fixed bounty bug where players could collect federation only bounties.

15. Consolodated some language includes into global_funcs.php and removed many duplicates from the other program files. This should cut down on disk access and cache usage.

16. Fixed blank new message alert on any page other than main.

17. Changed Federation, Kabal and War Zones to disallow beacons.

18. Changed planet.php to planet_unowned.php when defeating a planet and asking if player would like to capture it.

19. Added ship shields in ship destroyed check when attacking a planet. Still not happy with the combat routines and expect to do a complete rewrite of them in the future.

20. Change the planet result display after a combat to show what your sensors are able to read instead of the accurate reading. This is to prevent the exploit of throwing a cheap pioneer into a planet to find out what defense levels it has.

21. Changed bounty calculation to calculate bounty check before ship to ship combat when attacking a planet.

22. Fixed template in scan.php so the Send Message command will send a message to the scanned ship.

23. Planet scan was showing cloak value for shields.

24. Spies on an enemy planet reporting total torps for the planet torp level

1. Added special Tournament Mode that will allow new players to sign-up and existing players to log in. Tourney mode will display a small menu that will allow the players to send messages, create teams, select avatars/icons and discuss things in the team forums.

2. Added the ability to have a percentage of the commodities ports have fixed, random maximum prices. The fixed prices are different for each port that has fixed prices enabled. The prices will never go above their set limit but they can go way below if heavily traded. They regenerate prices the exact same way the non-fixed ports regenerate.

3. Add a Local Galactic Map. This map will show the sectors you can move to with a certain number of turns. If you want to know how many sectors you can realspace to with only 5 turns select 5 turns and the map will display all of the sectors you can reach with 5 turns or less.

4. Added warning in shipyard about how the Pioneer cannot be stored.

5. Added automatic database backup of all tables to the scheduler. Option can be disabled.

6. When a players ship is destroyed it automatically creates a debris package. There is a 50% chance that credits from the player will be removed from the players destroyed ship and put into the debris package.

7. Trade port prices increase at a random rate now. The increase per tick is based on a random value between 0 and the commodities increase rate. This gives a more variable port price range from port to port.

8. Added sector defenses to independant planet sectors in universe creation.

9. Added Full Backup and Selective backup options to admin.php. Selective backup can backup one table at a time from a dropdown menu.

10. Changed login screen to use a cycling Admin News display similar to the Shoutbox and ingame News. Admin News can contain HTML codes.

11. Updated the admin.php Admin News area to display all Admin News Items and allow editing and deleting of individual items.

AATrade Release Features August 1, 2003

NOTE: This change log doesn't represent ALL of the changed from NGS .54 to AATrade .10 but it does emcompass most of them.

Ships being Towed
Well, there is going to be a change in how your ship can get towed from Federation Space.

We knew about this but didn't really think it through completely until someone brought it up. You can change to a Pioneer and store your other ship and go hide in sector 0 and never get kicked out.

The change will do two checks. It will still check to see if your ships average tech level is over 8 to see if you should be kicked.

And it will also check to see if you have a ship in storage. If you will get kicked from Federation Space no matter what. So storing your powerful ship and buying a pioneer will not let you hide in fed space. There will also be a check to see if you died while offline to prevent you from being kicked out.

Expect this change in the beta game sometime this weekend. You have been warned.

If you are killed while offline your ship will stay in sector 0 even if you have ships in storage. But as soon as you log back in your pioneer will become activated so it can be moved from sector 0.

So remember...

If you have ANY ships in storage your current ship will be towed from federation space no matter what the average tech level happens to be. You could be in a pioneer with everything set to 0 and you will still get towed if you have even one ship in storage.

This was added to prevent bigger players from being able to hide in sector 0 just by changing to a pioneer. Not cool as the bigger players need to atleast be at risk. The No Tow option was mainly created to protect new players.

So beware. You would hate it if you changed to a pioneer, stored the ship you had and forgot to buy an escape pod. You would be ejected into another sector where someone might kill you and remove you completely from the game. So if you have a ship in storage stay away from pioneers and sector 0 when you logoff.

IGB Bank Changes
There is now an IGB Bank Account limit that can be set by the game admin.

This limit is the maximum amount of cash you can have in your bank account. Once your account hits that limit you cannot depost anymore cash but you can still earn interest on what is there.

Right now the setting is at 100,000,000,000 credits.

Sorry Bankers you have to put your money at risk on your planets or ship but this allows a player to have a store of cash if they get down on their luck.

Ship Price changes

There has been a big change to the Shipyards.

Each time you buy a certain ship class the price of the next ship you buy in that class will go up.

As an example if you bought a Columbus and then it was destroyed in some manner the NEXT Columbus you buy will be higher in price. The increase in price is by ship class so the price increase on the Columbus doesn't affect the price of any other ship.

Basically the more ships you lose the more they will cost you. Ship builders are a greedy sort and they see someone needing the same type of ship over and over again and just HAVE to raise the prices. Law of supply and demand.

Warp Editor Changes

We have made a change to how warp editors work.

When you decide to use a warp editor to either delete or create a new warp link the distance between the two sectors is calculated.

Then the distance is used to figure the cost and energy needed to form or disperse a warp link. The longer the distance the more energy and money is needed to create a warp link. So make sure you have enough energy and money for createing/deleteing warp links.

SG Sector Changes

SG sectors have changed. You can now have more than one SG branch iun an SG sector. Before you could have only two warps coming in and out. You can now have three warps. The number of warps can be set by the admin.

Scan error

There has been a new change to the main display. This is where it shows all of the planets in a sector.

In the past the planet size reflected the average of the techlevels and colonists on the planet.

Well, now the planet size works the same way but the planets jammer level and your ships sensor level is taken into account. So the planet size might not truely reflect the size of the planet. If your scanners are above the planets jammers you will see the right size but the futher below the planets jammer level your sensors are the more likely you will see the wrong planet size.

Oh and this also affects the long range scan.

Changes to the planet transfer

You will notice that the transfer dignitary to planet button is missing from the planet display screen. This is because you can now transfer dignitaries to and from a planet using the planet transfer screen. Also, the ability to put more dignitaries on a planet than the limit has been fixed as well.

Plus there is another really BIG change in the transfer screen.

When you click the ALL checkbox you would usually error out when trying to transfer items to your ship when you didn't have enough room for them.

Well, this has now changed. The ALL checkbox works both ways to and from the planet. If you try to transfer more than what your ship can carry the excess amount will be ignored and only what you can carry will be moved to your ship. This makes things alot easier.

Attacking ships and ships on a planet

I have finally installed the updated combat routines.

When you attack a planet and there are ships on the planet the EXACT same routine for ship to ship attack in space is used for ship to ship attack on a planet. The displays are exactly the same.

This will cause a SIGNIFICANT change for ships landed on a planet when the planet is attacked.

1. If any ship on the planet has an Emergency Warp device installed it may be used when the planet is defeated and your ship is attacked. This means if you run away from the planet then the attacker WILL take it. So you might want to use your EWD before you land on the planet.

2. If a landed ships cloaking device is high enough to cloak the ship the attacker will miss it. This will mean the planet isn't captured. They will have to attack the planet again until they actually defeat the player landed on the planet. The planets atmosphere will reduce the ships cloaking ability by 25%.

If the above are all passed then the ship to ship combat will happen just as if the ships were in space.

I haven't tested this as much as I would like so everyone go on an attacking spree and let me know how things work out.

Quoting in Messages

I have just added the ability to quote messages in the quick message system.

When you read your normal messages you will notice a new button called QUOTE. When you click on it the message will be included as a quote in your reply.

Colonist limit change for planets

I have just added a new change for colonists.

The old method gave all planets the same maximum number of colonists you could have on the planet and the same number of colonists for an apocolypse to happen. It was set for 50 million colonists max and 45 million colonists to be eligible for an apocolypse.

The new change is based upon your planets average tech level. The base colonist max is still 50 million colonists. The apocolypse valuse is now based upon a percentage of the colonist max. That percentage is currently at 90% of colonist max.

For each average tech level of a planet it can hold an additional 1 million colonists. So if the average tech level of a planet is 20 it can hold an extra 20 million colonists. This gives that planet a colonist limit of 70 million. And the apocolypse total will be 63 million.

So the higher the tech level the more colonists you can have and the more they can produce.


Rick had a good idea about changing the Autoroutes to show only the routes you had access to on the main screen. You can still see all of them on the Nav Computer screen.

But on the main screen you will only see the autoroutes that will actually work from where you are. This will help clean up the main screen a bit.

Expanding Universe

Well, it has been reported that the Federation has started funding exploration of the galaxy in and effort to open more areas for the growing population of the Federation!

What this means is that over time new sectors will be added to the universe as the Federation finds them. The federation will send out automatic updates to all ship captains that will be reflected in their map screens.

Just when you thought you have seen all of the universe the Federation shows you more!
There will be a random number of sectors added every 24 hours.

These sectors are added the same way they are added when the universe is first created. What this means is new warp links are created to and from those new sectors, they all have their own distances, random stars, ports and planets are added also.

After a week there could be 7 new sectors added or 200, or 600, or... You get the idea. This is completely changable by the admin of the game. We will start with 1-100 sectors every day. This will be the best setting. You could have 3000 sectors added in one months play.

Instant Messages

Everyone probably knows about the instant messages in the game. They are accessed using the Send Mail and Read Mail command.

When you receive new ones an alert is opened on the main screen and it tells you how many you have waiting. Well, I thought it was a little limiting only having that alert happen there. I just made a little change so the alert can appear anywhere you happen to be. So you instantly get notified wherever you happen to be in the game.

Expect this to get expanded to many other alerts while online. An example would be instant reporting in an alert when someone is nova bombing a planet if you have a probe in the sector.

Spies and Dignitaries.
Only the planet owner can place Dignitaries on their planets. Teammates are nolonger allowed to place dignitaries on teamed planets that they do not own. Before everyone on a team could place dignitaries on every teamed planet. A team of 4 players couild have 40 dignitaries on every planet their team owned. This allowed teamed players a HUGE advantage over non-teamed players. Very unbalanced.

Teammates can nolonger place spies on a planet that is owned by another teammate. This also allowed planets owned by a team to be almost impossible to place enemy spies on the planet. It gave a team a HUGE advantage over non-teamed players. There are still ways for a team to place more spies on a planet than they should. But extra spies are all killed off every 5 minutes so don't even waste your money trying.

Planets Selling commodities.
Most people never enabled their planets ability to sell commodities because energy could be sold. With energy being sold an enemy player could buy all of the energy so the planet couldn't use beams or shields. It made it very easy to attack the planet.

When a planet is set to selling it nolonger sells energy. It sells Ore, Goods and Organics. That is it.

Buying direct from a planet is CHEAPER than buying from a port and you should be able to setup trade routes between those planets and ports. So you can make even HIGHER profits on trades while the enemy player gets a little money as well.

BTW, a planet cannot sell a commodity if the trade would reduce the amount on the planet below 10,000.

So a player cannot damage a planets armor or colonists by stripping off all of those commodities.

New Presets
You have the ability to add as many presets as you want. In addition to setting up quick realspace links in your presets you can now put in a 15 character description of the preset. This is just enough information so you can keep track of what each link does. You will also see a number in parenthisis beside that link; this is how many turns it will take you to reach that link via realspace using the curent ship you have.


Some of you may have noticed that paging has been added to the rank list.

I decided to add this so people can see everyone who might be playing the game instead of a top group. You can page through all of the player rankings or view every single player in one long list.

Also you will notice it has been rearranged and a few things added. We now calculate Kills, Deaths and captures on the ranking page as well. Will help you see who the really aggressive players are Note: Capture of team and indy planets are not counted on the captures.

You can now select a graphic avatar to represnt you in the game. Just click on the Options button and you will see a new item called Avatar. Clcik on the SET button besice the default avatar and you will be presented with a screen full of avatars.

If you want to change avatar directories just select the one you want to view on the drop down and click the Change Directory button.

When you find the avatar you like click on the button below the image to select it and then click on the Select Avatar button. And you are finished!

Your avatar will start showing up on many places. Right now it only shows in the Shoutbox. But you will see a players avatar when you scan their ship, view your ship, messages, team lists, ect.

Oh, we haven't forgotten people on teams either. We will be adding Team Icons. These are special icons that will represent your team and only your team. The team icons will show up in messages and all team listings.

Just a little something extra so you can personalize your game even more.

Avataars are now EXCLUSIVE to the player that picks it. Once an avatar is picked only that person will ever be able to use it. The avatar is then removed from the list of avatars shown.

You can now upload your own avatars. You are not stuck with whatever the server has installed. The avatar must be a gif, jpg or png file. And it cannot be any larger than 64 x 64 pixels in size.

Also, do not upload any avatars with objectionable content. You could get banned from the game if you do.

I have just added player avatars to both the Team Forums and the Read Mail. Nice to see a face with the name there as well.

Team Icon Support added!

Each team can now have it's own team icon. This icon can only be selected or uploaded by the player who created the team. You will start to notice that team icons start appearing in many of the screens.

Team Icons are now EXCLUSIVE to the player that picks it. Once an icon is picked only that team will ever be able to use it. The icon is then removed from the list of icons shown.

You can also upload your own team icons. You are not stuck with whatever the server has installed. The icon must be a gif, jpg or png file. And it cannot be any larger than 64 x 64 pixels in size.

Also, do not upload any icons with objectionable content. You could get banned from the game if you do.


Everyone should read this so make sure everyone on your team reads this message.

There has been a major change in how a player can get a Federation Bounty on themselves so listen up.

If you or your team own a sector and a lower ranked player enters the sector you can attack them AND NOT RECEIVE A FEDERATION BOUNTY.

If you or your team own the sector and a lower ranked player takes a planet in the sector you can attack the planet and take it back WITHOUT GETTING A FEDERATION BOUNTY.

But if the lower ranked player takes enough of your planets in the sector to change ownership of the sector then you may get a bounty if you attack the planets or their ship.

Any player entering a sector you control is considered a hostile by the Federation and they give you complete control to defend yourself and your sector without incuring a Federation bounty.

If a sector is classified as a "War Zone" you may or may not be in control of the sector. The fact that a sector is classified as a "War Zone" doesn't mean anything when it comes to Federation Bounties on attacks.

A person or team controls a sector when they OWN over half of the planets in the sector.

If the sector can support four planets and you make only two planets in the sector you are not in control of the sector. You will have to create a third planet to control the sector.

If you or your team control exactly half of the planets in a sector then NO ONE controls the sector and normal Federation Bounties apply.

This change applies for Ship to Ship, Ship to Planet and ALL Nova Bomb attacks.

Big Changes to the Dignitaries

There have been BIG changes in the dignitaries and you will only see them on the beta server when it opens up this weekend.

Interest makers are now a little more reasonable and won't run away making money like the last game but they DO help alot still. Interest digs still have a chance of changing to imbezzlers but the chance is very rare.

Production digs influence goods, organics, ore, energy, fighter and torp production. Nothing else. They used to increase colonist and credit production and that was a mistake. It basically invalidated the use of birthrate and interest digs. Production digs will not change to imbezzlers anymore. They stay production at all times since they nolonger increase interest.

Birthrate increaser digs are now a significant addition for building a population quickly.

Birthrate reducer digs are really mean suckers now. They basically will start killing off your population. Birth rate reducers CAN be twice as powerful as birth rate increasers. Basically two maxed out birth increasers equal one maxed birth reducer. Now don't fear that they will wipe your population out completely. They will never reduce your population below a fixed amount. That amount is currently set at 100,000 colonists.

Also if you have spy's on your planet they will help hunt embezzlers.

The Embezzlers will nolonger give people negative money.

These changes should help balance things out greatly

Quickie Server List

You may have noticed that at the bottom of the login screen there is a list of servers running the game. This is a select list of servers from our master server list that we are running ourselves. Other peoples servers are not listed.

You can click on the game name to go directly to that games login screen.

The shows the number of sectors, current players and top player with their score for each server listed. The server you are currently on isn't shown in the list.

Email Check
I just added a new way to check for a valid email address when you are signing up. The old method would exclude certain characters. This new method checks for validity and if it is invalid it will tell you and abort the sign up.

This is also good for the admins because it prevents some useless accounts from being created.

New Template System
Well, I have placed a new template up called Console . If you want to select the template change your template in the options. Just click on the options button.

The normal template is default. There is another selection called console. Select it to see the new main screen template. Other screens will be changing for the Console template. I just haven't had the time to do all of them yet.

The new template system will allow many different layouts for every page in the game to be created and used by any server.

Automatic Drop Downs Template

I have just added two new template selections which are just minor changes of the default and console template.

The major change is on the main screen. Instead of having a LONG list of warp links, auto routes, trade routes and presets they are now setup as dropdown menus. This way your screen doesn't expand vertically when you have alot of selections. The dropdowns are auto executing. Once you select an item on a dropdown it is automatically executed. No need to click a button after selecting an item.

Check it out. I think some of you who create sectors with a huge number of one way warp links to spy on others will really like this.

Planetary Independence
In the last game planets could go independant and become unowned so ANYONE could take them. This was too easily exploited by players who were online all of the time waiting for the Independence to run. They would then scan all of the sectors they knew about that had planets and immediately snag them.

Well, it won't be so easy this time around. When a planet goes independent it will DEFEND itself just like any other player owned planet. You will have to attack the planet to gain control of it. Since the sensors in a sector are more sensitive players will think twice about going into a defended sector to quickly snatch an independant planet without any risk.

Maps now are divided in to 1000 sector segments allowing it to load much faster. Also as you move through sectors maps will track who owned the sector when you were last there and will be color coded if a team owned that sector.

Bank Interest
I wanted to completely eliminate banking interest, however PJ was whining so it will be 1/2%. Your not going to make much money in the bank. Your going to have to have it on your planet if you expect to make much interest. Your money will have to be at risk if you expect to make anything.

Federation Bounties Changes
In previous games once someone had a federation bounty you had to pay it off to be able to do anything. We have given people with federation bounties a small out where they can continue to build but at a considerable price increase. They will have to trade in Kabal Space. Don't feel too safe though. There are a limited number of kabal space ports and they do allow attacking in their sector, so beware of bounty hunters.

Another change is you can now get the bounties that the federation puts on these rogues. However the federation will charge you a tax up to 40% of the total bounty if you are a good player. If you are evil the amount of cash you procure is taxed from about 40% to 90%.

Sector Genesis
Sector genesis works very similarly to regular genesis however they create a completely new sector in unknown space. They will randomly generate ports and suns for that sector. SG sectors have some limitations; you cannot realspace to or from them, or warp edit to and from them. You can create more SG sectors from within a SG sector however the limit is 2 links per sector. Once in an SG sector you can SG back to know space creating a SG Sector loop.

Nova Bomb
The Lexx Device has changed it's name to Nova Bomb.

The Nova Bomb has undergone a HUGE change. The bomb can be used two ways now.

The first way is trying to destroy a planet. When fired you have a 15% chance it will destroy the planet AND ALL SHIPS DOCKED on the planet. If the Nova Bomb doesn't destroy the planet it will damage everything on the planet up to 25%. This means everything, tech levels, credits, colonists, energy, fighters, torps, ect. There is also a 5% chance the Nova Bomb will explode on launch. If your ship has an average tech level below 15 it destroys the ship. If your ships average tech level is over 15 then your ship will be damaged between 50% and 75% on all tech levels, credits, energy, torps, fighter, ect.

The second way if firing the Nova Bomb across a warp link. If you have a Nova Bomb on your ship your Long Rang Scan will add a Use Nova Bomb selection. When you fire the Nova Bomb across a warp link it will destroy 50%-100% of the sector defenses and then damage all planets and ships off planet 0%-5%. This means everything, tech levels, credits, colonists, energy, fighters, torps, ect. There is also a 5% chance the Nova Bomb will explode on launch. If your ship has an average tech level below 15 it destroys the ship. If your ships average tech level is over 15 then your ship will be damaged between 50% and 75% on all tech levels, credits, energy, torps, fighter, ect. This is a great way to clear out a sector that is defended so no ship can normally enter.

As you can see there are alot of new changes to the Nova Bomb and it should be interesting to see what happens.

Also, there have been huge changes that make trading just as profitable if not more profitable in many cases than attacking planets. So you can either be a trader and get high rankings or be an attacker and get high rankings, This is different from the last game where attackers were the ones who made the top ranks.

Space Probes
There are 5 types of probes that can be purchased from the devices port. Once you have a probe and you drop it in a sector you can upgrade its sensors,cloak and engines. Information obtained by probes are put in your log files.

You can change the probe type and give it orders:

Stationary Probe - This is a probe that you drop in a sector and it will detect incoming ships and attempt to scan them.

Sentry Probe - This probe works just like a stationary probe however if you bump its sensors to 20 and a ship enters the sector, it will announce the entry in the team shout box.

Warp Probe - These probes wander through warps and when it gets stuck will real space to a different part of the universe and search again.

Realspace Probe - This probe allows you to send it via real space to a specific sector.

Sequential Realspace Probe - This probe will move through real space sequentially until it gets to the target sector.

Note: All probes take a players turns so if you are any probes that move, better upgrade its engines or you will find yourself turn less.

Multiple Ships
You no longer have to trade in that ship you just built up. You can now put it in storage for later use. There will be a storage fee attached to that ship, so don't think you can swap ships back and forth at a whim with no rent. If you have a bounty you cannot switch ships. You are stuck with that ship till your ship is destroyed or the bounty is gone.

Auto Trade Routes
You can now setup Auto Trade Routes between your planets and Trade Ports. This will allow your planet to trade a single excess item (Ore, Goods, Organics or Energy) with a trade port to gain extra money.

Trade Routes
Trading has been changed significantly this time around. In the old game the prices at trade ports basically stayed the same. If you had a trade port that was being used by everyone it would offer the same prices as a port that hand't been used for weeks.

In this game Port Prices will increase the longer a port isn't traded with. If the base port prices for Goods is 22 credits each and you find a port that hasn't been traded with for a week they could be offing to buy good for over 100 credits each.

If you have a port that is constantly traded by everyone the prices could drop so low that it COSTS money to trade at the port.

Once a port isn't traded with for a set period of time the prices offered will slowly start going up again.

In this game Trading will be just as profitable as attacking rich planets. And I expect some people will be guaring any rich trading ports as well as they guard their bank planets.

Planetary Combat
We have added Jammers, Armor and Armor Points to planetary combat. Jammers will cause scan error to occur when scanning a planet. They will scan error low depending on the difference of the scanning ships sensors and the planets jammers and will scan up to 15% above a planets actual level as well. Armor is automatic, you do not have to buy it however it is based on the overall average tech level of the planet. Armor points are generated over time and will deplete some goods and ore. Armor points will not generate unless you have at least a based planet and 10,000 Ore and Goods in reserve, if ore and goods drop below 10,000 your armor points will start depleting.

There is now a planet pre-combat computer. If you hit the attack button once it will bring up a preliminary combat screen showing what you have and what the planet has. But it is subject to scan error just like planet scanning so it may not read perfectly either.

Attacking planets may also get you a bounty. If you attack a planet and your net worth is 40% above the owner of the planets net worth you will find your self with a federation bounty. Be sure to scan the planet and see if you will get a bounty or not. This feature will keep the game a little more balance and keep the big players from stomping the little players out of existence.

Sector Defence
Sector defence is now tougher to cloak across. Sector sensors are now based on the highest sensors you have on the planets or your ship. If you have the same level cloak as the sectors sensors there is only a 25% chance of making it into the sector.

Team Forums
These are private forums that only people on your team have automatic access. The creator of the team is the Admin for the forums.

The admin can make Sticky messages, lock messages, delete messages and edit messages.

Teammates can edit only messages they posted.

When you log into the game the Team Forum selection on the main screen will tell you how many new messages have been added since you were las online.

When you enter the forum all of the topics are listed. Any topics with new posts will have the number of new posts right beside the topic title. If you have posted to the topic the number of new messages will be in yellow so you know what threads you have been posting.

This doesn't replace the instant messaging but compliments it so you can have your own private forums for conducting team business without clutting up your instant messages.

Shout Box
You will notice the new shoutbox can be quickly used from the main window now. Team Messages show up in the new shoutbox area and regular shouts will appear at the top of the screen just like before. This will be useful for coordinated attacks.

We hope we have worked out all the bugs, but I'm sure we have missed a few. Please make us aware of any problems you see as you play the game. We have added a whole lot to this game so I'm sure we might have missed something.

Alien Assault Traders is based off of the original BlackNova Traders and Nova Gaming System code (specifically the .54 release of NGS). Their
CHANGELOG information can be found in their project files.

  2003 by the Alien Assault Traders developers. All rights reserved.