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AATrade Thunderdome
Version 0.41
Start Date: Oct 21, 2009
Total Players: 0
Turns: 10 turns every 5 minutes
Total Sectors: 855
Reset Date: Not Scheduled
AAtraders Main Hall of fame players (May 9, 2005 - 11:38am)
Top 3 players in the logest running aatraders game to date. Ran from early 2004 through May 2005 was ended due to a data coruption.

1 - Ramasi - Score of 183,508,535 One of the most resilient players I have seen, he takes a beatin and keeps on ticking.

2 - Gambler AKA/Satman - Score of 130,078,965 Best restart comeback ever.

3 - Live Rust AKA/Moonraker - Score of 117,563,537 What can I say... Moonraker is one of the best builders out there.

Congrats guys!!
Hall of Fame 2005 (May 11, 2005 - 1:40am)
Panama Jack(PJ)
Why should he be in the Hall of Fame, when we haven't seen him in any game. It is pretty easy to tell why: AAT without PJ would have been like the RL-Universe without the "Big Bang".... NOTHING. Especially his dedication (Programming-skills and TIME).

Besides that, his ability to Structure the developing-project the AAT-game has been and his ability to set up a good filter in the pool of new ideas/features and lead "The Game" in the right direction.

Said with other words without PJ "The Game" hasn't reached the current quality-level and probably hasn't been as addicting as it has become. Hill PJ, the real Master of The Universe. We kneel into the spacedust.

Copenhagen Denmark

PJ's the Best!!
Note to all, PJ doesn't even know he has been awarded this position yet. I was approached by a couple players that he needed to get the first one, as he of all people have put the most time into the betterment of the game. While I have given him a ton of ideas, and exploit advice, he has done the bulk of the work. With PJ you either love him, or hate him, he is never afraid to give his oppinion, often times he can ruffle a few feathers. In the end this game wouldn't have come as far as it has this past year, without him working his tail off. Often times we forget who brought us to this point and begin taking the hard work for granted. A toast to PJ and the official first Hall of Fame AATrader!!

Tarnus Harten
AAtrade Developer
Missouri, USA

PJ is the game
Well, I just want to say that PJ is a god when it comes to those of us who enjoy this game. Although PJ can be one of those people you really hate, you still have to love him if you love the game. PJ is the game, the heart and soul of the game is PJ's very own heart and soul which spends so many hours every day pumping its lifeblood into the game. Sometimes his efforts are misguided, but with this kind of thing its the thought that counts. If anybody deserves to be listed on this HOF page, based on non-gameplay merit, PJ is the one. Way to go!

Max Griswald
Roanoke, Virginia
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