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AATrade Thunderdome
Version 0.41
Start Date: Oct 21, 2009
Total Players: 0
Turns: 10 turns every 5 minutes
Total Sectors: 836
Reset Date: Not Scheduled
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I'm bored,so I guess I can put some stuff here,make it more spiffy.

Well what can I say about myself and this game?Oh yeah,I joined just when the last of the Uber-torpedo games was around and before we could earn insane amounts of money.During that time I was under the tutelage of Anubis/Hellbenderand his son(infact I still keep contact with him sometimes :) ),though I suppose I also had some talent,because one can't do very just by being taught alone ;) .Anyways,the last of that game ended and I was meh,but the next game was the deciding thing for me,since after that I could consistantly get in the top 20 and above,so I think I learned quite well.Currently I'm tackling the changes in version .20,but I think I'm getting the hang of it?

As for how I managed to get into this game?Well,in a forum I go to someone posted a link to here,and I've been here ever since :).The people that joined from that forum are gone,but I'm still here,and doing well,I suppose they just couldn't cut it,too bad.

And yes...I used to know it matters anymore.
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[Oct 2, 2003 - 4:45 pm] Entropy: Yay now I have a profile!!!! :D

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